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What's the Class Like?

Classes last 2 to 6 hours, depending on the class format. Each class is taught by credentialed American Heart Association CPR instructors. Citizen CPR offers five American Heart Association course options:

  • Family and Friends Adult CPR -- non-credentialed CPR covering ages 1 to adult (no infant)
  • Family and Friends Adult/Infant CPR -- non-credentialed CPR covering infant to adult
  • Heartsaver CPR with AED -- credentialed CPR covering infants to adult with AED training
  • Heartsaver CPR/AED/First Aid -- credentialed CPR covering infant to adult with AED and First Aid
  • Heartsaver First Aid -- credentialed First Aid only

You will learn about CPR, choking relief, risk factors and prevention tips for heart-health, recognition of medical emergencies, calling 911, and automatic external defibrillators (AED's). Each class includes discussion, video and skills practice.
Citizen CPR provides free Family & Friends classes for public and private shcools, and occasionally for nonprofit groups, as funds are available. The largest offering of free classes for the general public takes place during Save-a-Life Saturdays in June.

Class Requirements

In order to provide a custom CPR class at the location of your choice, we have a few space requirements:

  • All classes must have at least six (6) students
  • Classes must be at a public location -- such as an office, church or meeting room. No private homes.
  • The classroom must have enough open space for everyone to access manikins in groups of three, with no tables.
  • Equipment: A TV is required for the video instructions. A DVD player with a remote control is preferred. (If you don't have a DVD player, we can provide one. Just let us know in advance when you schedule your class.)

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